Explore, learn, meet and build on campus, powered by Minecraft!

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A Minecraft Imperial replica

In just 15 days, our amazing front-end team built a campus replica in Minecraft with exact ratios, scales, and colors. Join your lectures in real-time from the virtual world and discover 3D audio on our range of servers. A full asset store is available for contributions as well.

Minigames and custom events

Our servers are scalable and support custom plugins, rooms and database additions for anything you would like to display in the world! Plus, we support world guard, version control, and op management. From quizzes to treasure hunts, your imagination is the limit! Get in touch with us to get more details about integrating your events.

Add your personal touch

Think something is missing from your department? Have an amazing idea to add? Want to design your lecture halls? Make it happen! Get in touch if you are a developer or simply a Minecraft enthusiast who wants to contribute to the project.

Join our Discord server and get in touch with others who are interested!